Genesis Housing Association achieve annual savings of over £70,000

Genesis is one of the UK’s leading housing associations, who own or manage around 33,000 homes across London and the east of England, and is a part of the G15 group which comprise London’s largest housing associations.  Genesis is committed to “providing homes to people where there is a need” whilst also delivering better Value for Money for residents and other stakeholders.

With a significant energy portfolio and spend, Genesis required the assistance of an energy consultant to provide energy procurement, bill validation and bureau services. Further to an internal review Genesis determined that the selection and appointment of an energy consultant could be achieved either via conducting its own OJEU tendering process or by using an established OJEU compliant framework agreement. The review also identified that using an established OJEU compliant framework agreement would prove the most cost effective route overall.

Compliant Procurement Solutions approached Genesis and demonstrated how its framework agreements could achieve OJEU compliance and Value for Money compared to those offered by competitors. After comparing several framework agreements Genesis determined that CPS’s framework agreements did indeed significantly outperform alternatives when seeking to achieve Value for Money.

By using CPS’s Ranked Energy Consultants Framework Agreement Genesis was able to appoint The Monarch Partnership as its energy consultant for energy procurement, bill validation and bureau services. CPS’s OJEU compliant framework agreement helped Genesis achieve annual savings of over £70,000 when compared to using other well know alternatives.

“The OJEU process can be a complicated and expensive process however CPS’s Energy Consultant’s Framework Agreement allows housing associations to appoint vetted energy consultants to manage their energy requirements. The Monarch Partnership provides us with all the support we require to manage our energy more efficiently and effectively and the savings we have achieved by using CPS’s framework agreements allow us to deliver better value for our residents.”

David Newton – Programme Management Coordinator, Link Group Ltd