Our unique proposition

According to the CEBR, the average cost of a competitive public procurement process is £45,200. Whilst there are a number of procurement consortia who claim to achieve substantial savings by allowing access to their framework agreements, these savings can be offset against the fee charged by the consortia.

Reforms in social housing funding and benefits are squeezing budgets in the housing sector. Traditionally the focus has been on getting better value and transparency from the end supplier and many procurement consortia do offer a service which can achieve this. In order to achieve further savings it is important to look at cost savings across the procurement chain particularly with regards to charges from your procurement consortium.

Our research has identified that many housing associations and local authorities are advised incorrectly, by their procurement consortiums, that they must use a framework agreement for supplies or services even when the value is below public contract thresholds. In addition to this they are unaware that their procurement consortium could be charging as much as 3%, of the contract value being negotiated, for using the framework agreement.

Before you procure energy supplier or services ask yourself these questions: